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The Obsolete Legacy of Antarctica

..., Bouvet Island and adjacent territories (Bouvet Sector), and in 1939 – over Queen Maud Land between longitudes 20°W and 44°E. Chile that in 1940 announced the establishment of Chilean Antarctica between longitude 53° and 90°W. Argentina that in 1943 proclaimed Argentinean Antarctica between longitudes 25°W and 74°W. In 1939, the United States set up its Antarctic Service, which in 1939-1941 surveyed Edward VII Land, despite protests from Great Britain and New Zealand....


Battle for the Andes

Russia and China on the Latin American Arms Market Argentina: Fighting on the Outskirts The fledgling military-technical cooperation between Russia and Argentina was the subject of a recent article . The only recent contracts between the two parties are the delivery of two helicopters. The Armed Forces ...


Military-Technical Tango

... widely discussed rapprochement between Russia and the countries of Latin America, the world’s media has started to publish increasingly frequent reports on Russia’s efforts to boost military cooperation with the region, in particular with Argentina. Numerous rumors about the recent sale of 12 Russian Su-24 fighter-bombers to Argentina sparked concern in the British Government, to the point that it was suggested that more Typhoon fighters should be deployed on the disputed Falkland Islands ...


The Results of the BRICS Summit. View from India

... neighbors since a long time. So, I think it could be a barrier for BRICS bank. Thirdly, although Russian President V. Putin has expressed his optimism about BRICS bank, to me it would not be an easy task as because of the USA. Regarding the admission of Argentina in BRICS, would be a wise decision. I think if Argentina wants to entry in BRICS, then it would be better for both side. Although, Argentina had suffered a tremendous economic crisis a few years back, but at present it has been able to overcome ...


Islam, the hidden “I” in BRICS

... to be mindful of Shamir’s analysis "Coping With Non-state Rivals (login and registration required) . The BRICS continue to have image problems The Buenos Aires Herald reported that Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin has praised Argentina, where he just signed a major nuclear deal with the government. But in their coverage the BBC also noted that the Russian leader remains circumspect about the future of the BRICS. Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov was recently quoted by international ...


Can Russia help save Peronist Argentina from itself?

In a move that is likely to heat up South Atlantic oil politics it has been announced that Russian president Vladimir Putin will visit Argentina after attending the BRICS summit in Brazil. The visit comes at a time when the ruling Peronists are once again falling into disarray thanks to their economic policy blunders. During the regime of Peronist president Carlos Menem the nation ...


Russia And Argentina’s South Atlantic Energy Gambit

Before leaving to meet Pope Francis in Brazil Argentine President Cristina Kirchner told her people she wished she had a little machine to print money. Argentina has made some problematic business decisions in the hydrocarbons arena and as a result the nation has gone from being a net exporter to a net hydrocarbons importer in less than 24 months. Influential magazines like The Economist charge that ...


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