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The Three Phases of Jihadism

... retaliation . Al Qaeda fails, but the movement lives on. Andrey Kortunov, Michel Duclos: Four Dreadful Scenarios for Tomorrow’s Syria and What We Can Do To Avoid Them The third phase of Jihadism is conducted under the initiative of two ideologues and tacticians ... ... could target people far more precisely through phishing actions. This allowed them to build a mechanism that would lead to the Islamic State and to the Caliphate which was proclaimed in June 2014. However the post-millenarian organization, after a series ...


Post-ISIS and Future Jihadist Threats

... own lists of suspects and particular numbers of ISIS militants who have travelled to Syria and Iraq. Additionally, cross-borders and free movement including logistic capacities... ... organisations and parties in Europe will affect radicalisation of alienated Muslim converts. Islamic State Volunteers Recruitment and return The leading jihadist organisations such... ... was much easier for the inexperienced, newly recruited fighters. 6. Reactivation of Al-Qaeda. The neutralisation of ISIS will create a gap in the worldwide jihadist movement...


Divisions within the Global Jihad

..., operating on the Sinai Peninsula, pledged allegiance to the Caliphate. The militants of Ansar al-Sharia in Libya who allegedly carried out an attack on the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli in 2012, issued a video message supporting ISIS actions. Events in Syria have become a catalyst for a direct clash of interests between al-Qaeda, the traditional power center of the global jihad movement, and ISIS, which is gathering momentum. What happens next? The growing support for Islamic State not only from radical groups, but from the ideologists of global jihad ( Abu Saad al-Amili , Abu Muhammad al-Azdi , Abu Mundhir Omar Mahdi Zeidan , and others), testify to the failure of the policy pursued by Ayman al-Zawahiri after the ...


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