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The Dilemmas of the Global South

... by the creation of RCEP. The next stage in this process would be to link up all of the pan-continental platforms in Eurasia, Africa and Latin America into one common platform that would cover the bulk of the developing world with important implications ... ... aggregation of regional integration groups of the Global South under the banner of BRICS+ a different track is entertained by China and its BRICS partners that targets increasing the membership of the core of the Global South. Hence, the current dilemma ...


The U.S. Wants To Turn Ethiopia Into Bosnia

... similar hybrid war means against other rising powers like Nigeria to usher in another so-called “Scramble for Africa”. The U.S. and its allies would strategically benefit from this outcome since it would enable them to more effectively divide and rule Africa in a way that could reduce the influence of Russia, China, and other multipolar countries there across the ongoing New Cold War. In other words, Ethiopia isn't just defending its own sovereignty by pushing back against America's Hybrid War, but also all of Africa's. The US feels threatened not only by ...


Analyzing The American Hybrid War on Ethiopia

... then trigger radical reforms that result in advancing its federal vision throughout the rest of the country. The U.S. could exploit the broad autonomy that these regions might receive in order to individually pressure them to distance themselves from China. Ethiopia is, after all, Africa’s second most populous country and used to have one of the world’s fastest rates of economic growth before the COVID-19 pandemic. From a continental standpoint, the U.S. might believe that turning Ethiopia against China could eventually become ...


China – Russia Bilateral Cooperation in Africa

... Experts have tried to juxtapose the strategies pursued by the two countries and assess the opportunities for expanding Russia–China cooperation on the continent. The positions presented in this report reflect the different experiences of Russia and China in Africa, the unique features of their national political styles, and the asymmetry in the respective resource bases Moscow and Beijing and the set of tools they use in their foreign policies. China – Russia Bilateral Cooperation in Africa , 3.4 Mb


China’s Emerging Diamond Industry

... grinding and then go into the global retail market. In this way, India dominates the diamond processing industry. China’s diamond processing industry and African mines By securing deals with companies and governments that control diamond mines in Africa, China is breaking India’s monopoly on diamond processing through the Belt and Road Initiative. This had caused China’s diamond exports to increase by 72% by 2014, generating revenue of US$8.9 billion [ 2 ]. Countries and regions that signed the Belt ...


RIAC and Peking University Discuss Russia-China Interaction in Africa

... countries in a pandemic, the role and the impact of the global economic crisis on the countries of the continent. Chinese experts presented some China’s approaches and policies in Africa and a vision of the possibilities for interaction between Russia and China in Africa. One of the outcomes of the project will be a joint Russian-Chinese report analyzing the strategies of Russia and China in Africa and providing recommendations for the governments of both countries. The participants also discussed the upcoming ...


Made in China: Why Would China Export its Governance Model?

... PRC has been gradually expanding its role as a mediator in the conflict, urging Khartoum to negotiate. One way or another, China had a great impact on the country's political leadership. Another tool for promoting the Chinese model is the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, that has been organizing exchanges for government personnel since 2006. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC are most actively involved in the educational programs, holding events, organizing conferences ...


Non-Economic Drivers of China’s Peacekeeping Operations in Africa

Conflicts are a serious threat to Chinese investments in African infrastructure Research on China-Africa relations has often been dominated by the economic component, as well as debates over whether China's involvement in the continent will have a negative or positive impact. Some scholars have questioned Beijing's reluctance to attach good governance ...


The Future of the Middle East: Horizons of Challenges and Opportunities

... questions are addressed to Washington. What sounds alarming is that beyond the scope of the current security agenda, European experts generally don’t see Moscow making any significant contribution to the future of the MENA. They write a lot about China, about the European Union, about Africa, but not about Russia. Analyzing the long-term challenges of the development of the region, the authors mention Russia only twice — as one of the major food exporters to the region and as an important partner in the development of nuclear energy ...


“Seven Capital Vices” of China in Africa: How Capital Are They Really?

The Chinese role in the continent – like any Chinese step beyond its borders – is subject to a scrutiny by foreign politicians and experts The recent tenth BRICS Summit in Johannesburg and the forthcoming China-Africa Cooperation Summit in Beijing bring the Chinese-African relations to the center of political and academic discussions. The Chinese advance in Africa since the turn of the century have been spectacular: from a relatively low key player, Beijing ...


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