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28 октября в рамках IX Конвента РАМИ состоялась Специальная секция Российского совета по международным делам «Публичная дипломатия России: «второй трек». В работе заседания приняли участие члены РСМД, директор Института Латинской Америки РАН Владимир Давыдов, и заведующий отделом разоружения и урегулирования конфликтов Центра международной безопасности ИМЭМО РАН Андрей Загорский. Модератором секции выступил программный директор РСМД Иван Тимофеев.


On October 28, 2015, the 9th Convention of Russian International Studies Association gave floor to RIAC's Special Section "Public Diplomacy of Russia: Track Two" moderated by RIAC Program Director Ivan Timofeev.

Stressing in deliberations that RIAC is an active Track 2 actor focused on protection of its unique communication methods and at the same time open to practices of its colleagues, in deliberations, Director of RAS Institute for Latin American Studies Vladimir Davydov and Head Disarmament and Conflict Settlement Department at IMEMO Center for International Security Andrey Zagorsky, both RIAC members, also talked on the scheme for productive interaction of diplomats with the expert community, emergence of Track 1.5, differences between the two approaches, and possible rise of Track 3.


On the forum margins, RIAC also showcased its publications during the entire event and on October 28 RIAC Deputy Program Director Timur Makhmutov has presented new publications.

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