The Divine Mother and the New Earth

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Тема: Мир через 100 лет
Регион: Европа
Автор: Leon Moscona

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This video is the third excerpt from the film 'Revelation' produced in 2007.  Meeting the Sunrise on the Sacred Mountain Rila in Bulgaria we link with the Personifications of the Divine Mother and contemplate the reality of the New Earth. The Divine Mother permeates all Kingdoms of Life with Holy Spirit and transforms the Earth into a Temple of God. Through the guided prayer-meditation led by Leon Moscona we enter into mystical contact with the Personifications of the Divine Mother and participate in the mystery of the Divine Wedding in Heaven. The Divine Wedding in Heaven gives birth to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth where humankind will start the New Cycle of Existence.
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Leon Moscona    23.02.2022











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