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Russiagate: Another Watergate?

Executive summary: Just as occurred during the Watergate crisis of 1973-74, America – the world’s indispensable power – is again facing a constitutional crisis, with a paralyzed president writhing beneath the Damoclean sword of Russiagate.  New evidence sheds fresh light on the origins and making of both “gates,” as does a closer exploration of the Nixon-Brezhnev and Trump-Putin bromances. Russian leaders have always closely followed US presidential elections, yet they have only twice attempted...

Valenta Jiri and Leni
17.08.2017 14:23:22

Trump’s administration should formulate a viable strategy for Afghanistan

Since Donald Trump came to power in the United States of America, tough discussions have taken place amongst the major strategists and foreign policy runners in Washington in order to devise a strategy for the war-torn country Afghanistan.The new strategy will not be workable unless the US change the military establishment of Pakistan and modify the behaviour of the deep state of the country.The US strategy formulators ought to not be reluctant of the Pakistani deep-state disastrous function in the...

Sohail Ajmal
17.08.2017 11:56:36

Do CIA and BND punish Recep T. Erdogan?

Erdogan’s recent motives and cornerstone foreign policy objectives are really problematic for the former allies of Ankara. The more Ankara pushes for an independent foreign policy apart from Washington and Berlin the more it becomes a headache for deep states both in the United States and Germany. Erdogan since sometimes tried to normalize Ankara-Moscow broken relations. For years he opposed Putin’s position on Syria, and he has given up the demand that Syrian dictator Assad must go. On the contrary...

Sohail Ajmal
02.08.2017 15:17:03

Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Power Politics and International Law

In the wake of the Second World War, the United States found itself in an unprecedented position of power. As the only country to emerge from the chaotic fighting as both victorious and unscathed relative to its European and Asian counterparts, the United States was able to set the tone for its establishment of a liberal hegemony over the world. Instead of regressing back into the isolationist camp, the United States instead utilized its preeminence to structure international institutions and law...

Henderson Brittany
24.07.2017 11:41:23

The world in the aftermath of America

Since Donald Trump took over the oval office, uncertainty has two-folded and the International Liberal Order came under jeopardy. Even some analysts smack the drum of the end of the unipolar world. It was more evident during the G20 summit, which American lost its leading role to encourage the summit participant to condemn North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile test. Trump’s foreign policy objective to make America great again not only isolated the country, but also caused mistrust amid...

Sohail Ajmal
17.07.2017 23:40:34

Benefactors and Bellicosity: The Need For A New Strategy Among Superpowers

Since the end of the Cold War in 1989, the United States has increasingly adopted a unipolar grand strategy in which power politics reign supreme over diplomatic relations. Instead of focusing on strategies that promote the improvement of understanding and relations with countries outside of NATO, the United States choses to further distance itself from the international community by flexing muscle instead of thinking about how its unilateral decision-making is interpreted by the international community...

Henderson Brittany
05.07.2017 00:31:29

Washington and Moscow: Confrontation or Cooperation?

Published as a monograph by the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv, Israel. Mideast and Security Policy Studies No. 135 The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies is an independent, non-partisan think tank conducting policy-relevant research on Middle Eastern and global strategic affairs, particularly as they relate to the national security and foreign policy of Israel and regional peace and stability. It is named in memory of Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat...

Valenta Jiri and Leni
26.06.2017 10:26:33

A Letter to Michael Cohen-Personal Attorney to President Trump

... and getting connected with you on Linkedin.I am Ratnesh Dwivedi,a Journalist,Professor and Teerorism researcher with a keen eye on Islamist Terrorism through my association with Secindef-an counter terrorism out fit comprising persons from Israel and USA agencies. I can not express my happiness to know you and willing to learn a lot from you.I shall be thankful if you can leave your contact details-Skype id,mail id and Mobile number here so I may remain in touch with you to share my studies.Once again ...

Dwivedi Ratnesh
26.06.2017 06:54:01

The Emerging Trump Doctrine of Strategic Savvy

... setting up a stipend program for the soldiers and their families (thus compelling them to subsist on nothing for five long weeks). The US then fired all Baath Party members down to Level 4 without any agreed reconciliation process. This gave tens of thousands of influential Iraqis – often Western-educated – an incentive to oppose the new Iraq rather than support it. In the ensuing struggle over leadership, a virtual civil war erupted between Sunnis and Shiites, with Kurds in the mix as well – ...

Valenta Jiri and Leni
23.06.2017 12:33:36

What does the post-Brzezinski era hold for the future of the U.S. role and its geostrategic imperatives in an ever more polarized world?

... Rockefeller, to whom Zbigniew Brzezinski served at some point in the capacity of an international adviser), which is a “non-governmental, non-partisan discussion group” gathering politicians and businessmen wishing to deepen the alliance between the USA, Western Europe and Japan. Nevertheless, as I came to know in the course of broadening my knowledge in the American political thought, both republicans and libertarians were strongly critical about the very group. Prominent American conservative thinker,...

Kasonta Adriel
14.06.2017 17:48:28

Beyond the Paris Climate Deal – Can Russia Lead the Way?

... comprehensive and utterly ruthless secret counterintelligence endeavor to clearly identify every person who is an active correspondent of the Khazarian Mafia. It must be said that elements of each secret intelligence community – in Russia and in the USA – are active parts of the Deep State – we must clean house quickly and ruthlessly, across intelligence, then the political parties, and into the media. Although a single page memorandum has been provided to President Donald Trump and Attorney ...

Steele Robert David
09.06.2017 11:35:18

The Western Guide to Understanding the Russian Soul

... Honestly, my own vote went for Mr François Fillon, who in my opinion was carrying a good program, both on the economic standpoint and his political perception of today’s world, where Europe needs Russia to remain strong in a world dominated by the USA and China. Macron is clever, that is obvious, and he will probably modify his present perception of Russia, built on a certain caution, which he will need to use even more when talking to the new leader of the USA, certainly more unpredictable than ...

Kasonta Adriel
23.05.2017 16:08:54

Kissinger’s Mystery

What advice could a 93-year-old political guru give to President Trump on his dealings with Russia?During his presidential campaign Donald Trump often highlighted the necessity of repairing relations with Russia presumably ruined by the outgoing Obama administration. However, this task has appeared to be a hard nut to crack. In Washington controversy over alleged Russian meddling in the US elections continues to be on the rise. Trump’s recent firing of FBI Director Comey aroused suspicion that the...

Чернышенко Никита
22.05.2017 19:36:01

India-Iran ties: The key challenges

India has numerous foreign policy priorities, with ties with the US, China, Russia and Pakistan understandably receiving more attention. At this point of time, one of the greatest challenges which India faces, however, is its relations with Iran. Post the signing of the P5+1 signed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action(JCPOA) commonly known as Iran nuclear deal, New Delhi has sought to strengthen its economic and strategic ties with Tehran. The key conditions of the agreement were; that Iran would roll...

Singh Maini Tridivesh
02.05.2017 14:22:56

Rex, with North Korea, strategic savvy, not strategic patience!

We are Crazy, so Waltz Me Around Again Willy! A few weeks ago, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson proclaimed the ending of the doctrine of strategic patience with rogue regimes like nuclear North Korea. At the U.N., however, he seemed to be suggesting we can seek a resolution of the crisis through economic pressure and diplomacy. In response, the North Korean regime fired a ballistic missile. It exploded but the response tells all about the North Korean willingness to find any meaningful compromise...

Valenta Jiri and Leni
02.05.2017 12:05:09


Does anyone know if Putin or others in Russian elite understand the importance of the Battle of Brandywine as it pertains to today's times? The same question in regards to the Battle was asked to previous American administration, none have yet answered correctly. Current administration has yet to be asked. This was the question given to Reagan by top assessment personnel to counter all those who preferred to keep the Cold War going and was the catalyst for Reagan to have the courage to go against...

Shields Scott
02.05.2017 11:09:03

It is not NK but All of Asia in US Crosshairs!

... different. South Korea (and Japan) is awash with anti-American undercurrents. During the 2006 World Cup in Germany, US army personnel in Yongsan were advised by their commanders to avoid passionate South Korean fans who would gather in their tens of thousands to watch giant open air live telecasts of their national team in action. There was a good precedent for this injunction: During the 2002 World Cup, a US military vehicle struck and killed two young schoolgirls in Seoul, sparking an unprecedented ...

Maavak Mathew
27.04.2017 14:31:35

What does Trump’s team actually believe about Russia?

A Guide to the West Wing’s true feelings about their counterparts in the Kremlin. During the current period of hyper partisanship in Washington DC, it can be difficult for Americans and Non-Americans alike to understand what the Trump Administration actually believes regarding Russia. Did the Trump Administration ever have a chance to become a Russian partner or was it always doomed to be a thorn in the side of Russia’s best interests? Below is a brief guide to the political views of the main members...

Coates Carson
21.04.2017 12:12:24

New Age Globalization: Lessons for South Asia

... in last a few years. India is Asia’s second important most economy and market after China; militarily India having intern-continental strategic access, in space technology its mission to Mars has placed it fifth among the outer space nations after USA, Russia, EU, and China. Besides, being strategically closer to USA and Russia both at the same time, India has emerged as an alternative to China, if not counter to it, in the politics of world balance of power. The economic growth rate, development ...

Shah Zulfiqar
13.04.2017 16:59:40

The Syrian Missile Attack –Theatrics & House Cleaning?

... the current Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo and the Secretary of Defense are on record as properly reporting the fact of the false flag, and properly objecting to the missile attack as both unconstitutional and a violation of international law, the USA not being in a declared state of war with Syria. So what, exactly, has happened here? Alert citizens – and there are many more of them these days thanks to Donald Trump having opened the door to the demise of the Deep State – have noticed ...

Steele Robert David
12.04.2017 16:11:34


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