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Why I came to Russia

... policy. Those whom have the opportunity to live, study and work in Russia have an entirely cosmopolitan experience. Indeed, I would state in complete confidence that Russia is the West, the people live such lives here. Russia is the Western part of Eurasia and the Eastern part of Europe. The thirst of the curricula is integration with Europe and Asian neighbors, from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Shall we remember that it was the Soviet Union that support the foundation of the core of the integration of ...

14.09.2018 17:10:33

EAEU: the honymoon's over. Time to work!

_ Yuri Kofner, head, Eurasian sector, Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies, analytic, OECD-HSE Research Centre, Higher School of Economics. Interviewed by Anna Fedko for “The Diplomat’s Notes”. Moscow, 29 May 2018.On May 29, 2018, the Day of ...

09.06.2018 16:40:11

Moldova received EAEU observer status. What next?

_ Yuri Kofner, head, Eurasian Sector, CCEIS, National Research University – Higher School of Economics, analyst of the OECD – HSE Research Centre. The views of the author may not necessarily reflect the official position of the HSE. Moscow, 3 June 2018.On May 14, 2018,...

03.06.2018 19:12:27

Pakistan’s SCO membership: success with liabilities

... relationship to further heights. China is leading the Shanghai Club and Pakistan’s inclusion in this club is the remarkable addition to Pak-China relations.There hasn’t been any substantial economic activity or joint venture between Pakistan and Eurasian countries. This membership may provide an opportunity for Pakistan to enhance the trade volume and to launch the economic projects with Eurasian countries.This success is also being considered as economic achievement because through this membership,...

14.11.2017 08:42:10

The National Identity of Russia in the 21st Century

_ Yuri Kofner, Chairman of the Eurasian Movement of the Russian Federation. Theses of a speech given at a private meeting. Munich, June 24, 2017. 1. Russia has four cultural and historical origins They manifested themselves in the following chronological order: 1. North (Rus') 2....

13.09.2017 11:56:59

EAEU - EU common space: pro et contra

On 16 May 2017, Jurij Kofner, director, Center for Eurasian Studies, research fellow, IIASA (Vienna, Austria) gave a presentation at the young experts school "International Cooperation of the Eurasian Economic Union" that took place from 15 to 19 May 2017 at the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus ...

21.08.2017 09:15:31

Moldova - EAEU: prospects for cooperation

_ Yuri Kofner, director, Center for Eurasian Studies, research fellow, IIASA. Moscow, 14 August 2017.IntroductionOn April 3rd, 2017 the Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission Tigran Sargsyan and the President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon signed in Chisinau a ...

14.08.2017 17:54:58

TPP VS Belt and Road (B&R): Who really benefits?

The tapestry of ancient Silk Routes The ancient maritime and overland Silk Routes have been revived. Its modern incarnation, driven by China’s Belt and Road Initiative (B&R), stands on the verge of connecting the Eurasian landmass, East Africa and Western Europe into a single trading matrix. Many Asian communities were defined by the ancient Silk routes. The Knanayas of the Malabar Coast, for example, were notable players in the western segment of the Maritime ...

24.10.2015 17:56:00

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