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Andrew Korybko To Anita Inder Singh: Your Perception of The Ukrainian Conflict Is Flawed

... to grain from Russia, primarily to wheat…We must work together to resolve these problems so that sanctions are lifted on food products, in particular, grain, and fertiliser.” At the end of the paragraph that I just critiqued, she then describes China as Russia’s “strategic iron partner”, which I contest after what U.S. President Joe Biden drew attention to in September. He told CBS that “Thus far, there’s no indication [that China has] put forward weapons or other things that Russia ...

16.01.2023 17:45:10

Pakistan’s SCO membership: success with liabilities

... various avenues of liabilities. Therefore, this achievement needs to be capitalised further as is frequently quoted “With great power comes great responsibility”.SCO membership is significant triumph for Pakistan for a number of reasons. Pakistan and China are already enjoying amicable relations in almost all spheres especially in the economic domain. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the landmark project which is being materialised and is effectively taking this mutual relationship to further ...

14.11.2017 08:42:10

India-Afghan Nexus: Impact on CPEC

... India’s stance on CPEC that it passes through the disputed territories recently obtained support by US and now Afghanistan is in the same camp. These all states should not undermine the prospects of development in the disputed territories through CPEC by China and Pakistan, otherwise they are negating the Sustainable Development Goals cannot be considered universal. There are some tumultuous factors which are contributing in the growing Indo-Afghan nexus. First; historically India was the only South Asian ...

13.11.2017 14:47:07

Revolution in Drone Affairs

... rubber-band catapulted armed mini-drones flying in large formations over a battlefield? Now, ponder the fact that each drone was modified, armed and operationalized from off-the-shelf models worth less than $200 each. The future of aerial warfare has landed. China recently demonstrated this new reality when state-owned China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CTEC) launched a record-breaking 119 drones in mission formation. The breakthrough was not in the numbers per se; rather it was in “swarm intelligence” ...

13.09.2017 12:38:34

Indo-U.S. Axis and Major Powers

... countries pursue their national interests, new alliances are emerging and the global order is in a flux. Indian so-called strategic partnership with the U.S is an example in which New Delhi has latched on to Washington’s weakness to contain a rising China and resurgent Russia. In order to gain balance in Asia-Pacific region, the U.S. has formed an axis with India and has sidelined its traditional nuclear non-proliferation goals as a quid pro quo to appease New Delhi. Instead of taking seasoned counsel ...

21.08.2017 09:53:10

Solution to a Himalayan Standoff: Formalize the India-China Border

While the media is abuzz with various analyses on how the current India-China military standoff in the Doklam bowl may pan out, they generally miss the larger issue at stake: namely the need for a permanent border resolution between both nations. Any temporary resolution over the 89-square kilometre yak-grazing ground claimed ...

05.08.2017 21:01:05

Benefactors and Bellicosity: The Need For A New Strategy Among Superpowers

... policy decision-making serves to increase tensions amongst itself and other rising powers outside of NATO and its mandate. Currently, the United States maintains a strict hierarchy of power within the international community; however, both Russia and China have made formidable advancements in the projections of their respective power and influence over world affairs. In order to preserve peace and decrease the probability of legitimate conflicts arising between the triad of powerful states, it is ...

05.07.2017 00:31:29

Caught up in dumping spat

... anti-dumping (AD) duties on Chinese steel imports. Two months later, the United States accused the EU of dumping steel on the American market. As karma catches up with Europe, the EU fears receiving the same kind of response from the US that it gave to China earlier in the year. REUTERS/Alfred Cheng Jin Europeans will soon need to sit at several World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute settlements, which will aim to challenge their current standing on the international steel market. The Chinese Ministry ...

03.07.2017 17:30:43

European Union Interference in Central Asia: What Does It Mean for Russia and China?

... interest in the region and has launched several bilateral and multilateral initiatives designed to bring Central Asia in line with EU interests and thinking. The region occupies an important place in EU strategic thinking because of its location between China and Russia, and because of its position in the East-West energy trade and developing transport corridors. The following paragraphs will first outline what the EU wants to achieve in Central Asia and how it goes about achieving it, before formulating ...

02.07.2017 16:47:52

It's economics, stupid!

... of the power sector. However, the most important question, is not whether green power generation is possible, but whether it is possible where it is needed the most. For this reason, it is still interesting to concentrate on the Asian region, whose China and India account for most of the world’s emissions. Thus, in both of these developing economies increasing shift to renewables indeed can become a real game-changer helping resolve a triple challenge in meeting growing demand for electricity....

05.06.2017 00:47:26

Kissinger’s Mystery

... feared that the Kremlin was seeking world domination (a suspicion apparently as old as Henry Kissinger himself). In the 1970s Kissinger performed sort of an U-turn proposing his famous “triangular diplomacy” aimed at balancing the Soviet Union and China against each other to secure US predominant position in the world affairs. For decades Henry Kissinger has enjoyed a reputation of cold-blooded realist with a Machiavellian tinge. In his major books as well as in the numerous articles (Kissinger’s ...

22.05.2017 19:36:01

Hardball Diplomacy: Why Trump's Show of Force Leaves Beijing Unimpressed

... wondering what was behind Xi's silence. "Xi can't fail to be impressed by Trump's resolve. Xi will have to reassess what the Trump presidency means for Chinese interests in East Asia, particularly North Korea and the South China Sea," Australian military analyst Alan Dupont suggested, as cited by the New York Times. Malaysian geopolitical analyst Mathew Maavak commented on the matter in his recent interview with Sputnik. "I think Xi must have quietly realized ...

17.04.2017 15:53:04

The Sino-US relations – Recalibration or Repetition?

... Calibrating the contraction of its overseas projection and commitments – some would call it managing the decline of an empire – the US does not fail to note that nowadays half of the world’s merchant tonnage passes through the South China Sea. Therefore, the US will exploit any regional territorial dispute and other frictions to its own security benefit, including the costs sharing of its military presence with the local partners, as to maintain pivotal on the maritime edge of Asia ...

18.11.2016 12:15:00

Northeast Asia after the Ukrainian Crisis: Threat to Regional Security

... created. Therefore bilateral relations, contracts and agreements, and alliances between state actors of the Northeast Asia are foundation of the latter.[1] Countries of the sub region are involved in the Ukrainian crisis - Russia is directly involved, and China indirectly. The first comes out of it with liabilities (at least, with economic liabilities and, to a lesser extent, with policy liabilities), the second comes out with a major asset. The transformations in the region will depend mainly on the changes ...

02.09.2016 11:23:00

Disappointment in Tashkent: Iran and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

... country’s case for membership. Russian President Vladimir Putin pushed Iranian membership at the meeting, claiming that with UN sanctions lifted there was nothing left to block the country’s accession. But not enough support materialized. China had previously announced its support for Iran’s membership when President Xi Jinping visited the county in January, but in the run up to the summit this support evaporated. Beijing reportedly wanted to focus on the accession of Pakistan and ...

13.07.2016 14:35:00

A Legal Imbroglio in the South China Sea

A Legal Imbroglio in the South China Sea A more concise version of this article was published as a CCTV Panview Oped. The rhetorical war between the China and the United States over the South China Sea dispute is increasing in tempo and magnitude by the week. The US is wasting ...

06.06.2016 05:16:00

Circumventing sanctions: Yamal LNG becomes a precedent

... face” for the loud-mouthed US neocons. Yamal’s liquid natural gas venture is located in the deep arctic region of Russia. Shareholders of the Yamal LNG project include Novatek (50.1%), France’s Total (20%), CNPC (20%), and China’s Silk Road Fund (9.9%). The project’s proven and probable natural gas reserves are estimated at 926 billion cubic meters. Yamal LNG will have three lines, each with a capacity of 5.5 million tons for a total of 16.5 million tons annual ...

16.05.2016 10:22:00

Is the UN relevant anymore to Greater Eurasia?

... Eurabia decides what is wrong and right; what constitutes an infringement of international law; what constitutes a war crime and who should be punished for it. Double-standards flow as naturally as flushed multinational waste inside an American sewer. China will be condemned for building outposts in the South China Sea. Russia will be similarly castigated over the Crimean reunification. Obama, in fact, had a special message for China with regards to ASEAN and the South China Sea in his Washington ...

10.05.2016 00:35:00


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