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Avoiding the Exclusive Integration Trap: Envisioning Russian Foreign Policy in the Asian-Pacific

... for the region and beyond. Unfortunately, the problematic practice of exclusive cooperation is common in international politics. America’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) project, which aims to integrate the Pacific trade arena while excluding China participating in it, is a vivid example. The controversial membership suspension for Russia in the G8 group is another instance, which has drawn stark criticism from one of the senior directors at the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations Stewart M....

27.05.2015 22:49:00

BRICS and food security

... designed to make the group a key player in the global food security regime. But they did. Now the world is waiting. From a moral and business ethics perspective the effort makes sense and can add value to the BRICS brand. But success depends on China, India and Brazil, who are impacted by drought and infrastructure problems that step on their economic performance. And Russia is dealing with a sanctions regime that includes food, orchestrated by Washington and its European allies. BRICS food ...

08.05.2015 02:57:00

Making sense of Russia's arms deals with Iran and China

In a surprising turn of events, Russia announced plans on April 13 to go ahead with the delivery of S-400 long-range surface-to-air missile systems to China and S-300 missile systems to Iran. The two announcements were made on the same day but for very different reasons. On the surface, this is seemingly Russia’s attempt yet again to irritate the U.S. with potentially game-changing moves for the ...

14.04.2015 20:11:00

The American UAV Attempted Apartheid

... concern within American corridors of power seems predicated on lazy assurance that no real rivals are emerging to learn from these ambiguities and obfuscations. The following evidence seems to indicate that might be the biggest mistaken assumption of all. China and Pakistan Most discussions of an immediate drone rival to the United States begin and usually end with China. At last count China supposedly had over 900 different types of drones, ranging from micro, blimps, unmanned combat air vehicles, and ...

05.04.2015 07:42:00

Sports Diplomacy. Can Sepp Blatter bring unity to a fractious FIFA?

... After all the Vatican has revived the 16th century concept of permitting betting on the election the Pope. But these windy conversations aren't likely to damage the vitual infallibility of Blatter's sports machine. Especially now that China, aided by FIFA programs, is on a trajectory to become a world football power and a candidate to host a future FIFA World Cup. In Africa, the African Football Confederation (CAF) and CECAF president Leodegar Tenga has announced that African football ...

04.04.2015 18:30:00

Russia and China relations in the Arctic: a win-win partnership?

... relations with its Western partners in almost all spheres of cooperation, including in the Arctic region. As a result, Russia reinforced its relations and established new partnerships with other emerging countries, notably East Asian countries such as China. In the Russian Foreign Policy Concept of 2013, further cooperation with China is expressed as one of Russia’s regional priorities. The document reads that “by sharing the same fundamental positions on key global issues as one of the ...

31.03.2015 17:15:00

Iron ore and steel. Strategic, volatile and primed for conflict

... units. This is the situation with bulk iron ore and simple steel production. Devaluation of the ruble is increasing demand for Russian ore and steel, notably at the expense of producers in India. Meanwhile state and parastatal companies based in China and Hong Kong use clever methods to dominate world iron ore and crude steel production and their logistics. To assume that Chinese executives do not discuss price and logistics issues with their Russian, Japanese and South Korean and Indian neighbors ...

02.03.2015 17:45:00

Go East and List

... Understanding Concerning Consultation and Cooperation and the Exchange of Information (MMoU) by the Russian Central Bank has gone largely unrecognized. But being outside of the MMoU had been a major issue for Russian companies considering capital raising in China, and fears were expressed as late as January that, amidst ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Russia's signing of the MMoU might be further delayed. Sanctions have been most effective in squeezing Russian banks and businesses by preventing them from meeting ...

27.02.2015 00:11:00

Brian Yeung: Hong Kong is not Kiev, nor Donetsk

... protester can afford an umbrella. I once compared the protests in Hong Kong to Kiev when I saw the images on media and I was still in Europe. When I came back from Hong Kong on 1st October, I felt an unusual atmosphere lingering in the air. It was China’s National Day. The news showed scholarism students protesting at the National Day ceremony while senior officials including chief executive CY Leung toasting the occasion. In the airport, there was announcement that some unexpected incidents ...

09.10.2014 16:53:00

BRICS and Washington's social pivot to India

... criminal in the International Court of Justice. Modi’s candidacy gained momentum when the body politic of India needed a change. The nation’s internal politics had become a hotbed of inertia and disposed to sluggish growth and inflation. China has been dumping cheap consumer goods into Indian markets for the past few years and continues to do so, which has been a drag on job creation. Modi presented a fresh alternative to the scattershot alliance of parties controlling congress that has ...

02.10.2014 20:25:00

Andrey Gubin: Is there a naval arms race in the Asia Pacific?

... operation or suppressing enemy’s military and economic infrastructure. In the Asia Pacific Aegis-equipped ships are deployed by the USA, Japan and Republic of Korea. There are plans in Australia, Canada, Taiwan to build such destroyers. Moreover China and Russia have Aegis analogs of indigenous design. It’s notable that Aegis-equipped ships are the backbone of the Japanese and Korean BMD programs, furthermore Korean Sejon Taewan is loaded also with cruise missiles with the range of 1 500 ...

22.09.2014 07:44:00

A New Dawn In the East

... Disengagement It is frequently asserted that the Russian Federation ‘forgot’ Mongolia in the immediate post-Soviet era, but this is an easy generalisation which overlooks important aspects of the Russo-Mongolian relationship. The growth of China, Russia’s domestic problems and a foreign policy geared towards the West have muted Moscow’s voice in Mongolia since ‘91. Nonetheless, whilst Moscow’s political clout may have lessened, its presence is definitely not forgotten....

12.09.2014 16:03:00

Obama's "Scare Force" Targets BRICS

... efficiently and otherwise needed to hold fiat dollars, to buy bonds and other treasury instruments to keep the U.S. economy afloat. Over time the strategy took the United States from being a balanced budget nation to the world’s biggest debtor. China, which became a major world power with a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council during this period also became the world’s largest holder of U.S. soverign debt instruments. The U.S. strategy of loosely regulating the packaging ...

11.08.2014 07:12:00

Artyom Lukin: Another fateful alliance? Sino-Russian entente would move the world a step closer to 1914

... a clash of two mighty coalitions led by great powers and possessing roughly comparable strategic resources, so that one side will not easily and swiftly prevail over the other. Are we going to see this sort of war breaking out in the Asia-Pacific? China is, of course, the rising power whose growing ambitions put it straight on a collision course with the incumbent hegemon - the United States - much like Anglo-German antagonism set the stage for the first world war. However, even if China becomes,...

29.07.2014 13:35:00

Domino Effect: How Lehman's Failure marked the beginning of the End for the Dollar

... could go into the how’s and why’s, but that is a discussion for another time. What is important is how it affected everyone’s confidence that the system was rock solid, confidence that to this day is not restored. Countries such as China and India, who have depended heavily on the western dominated financial system, began to have second thoughts. Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld at the Congressional Hearing examining the failure of Lehman Brothers. (Source: Wall Street Journal) ...

29.07.2014 13:25:00

Trust, Russia, and the Dollar: Why a New Reserve Currency is Still a Long Way Away

... trading partner, with about 27$ Billion in trade volume. It’s pretty clear why Russia is scrambling to limit its exposure to the United States and the Dollar Source: CNN At first glance, one would point to the warming of relations between Russia and China as a step in the right direction. These warming relations can be key in diminishing Russia’s exposure to the dollar[2]. China after all, is the worlds 2nd largest economy, and it has its own concerns about the weakening strength of the dollar....

17.07.2014 12:21:00

What is at stake for China?

Currency Wars follows the actions of governments and central banks to manipulate their currencies and currency denominated securities to their advantage and to the disadvantages of foreign markets. At the present day the focus will be on China and the United States, as China has expressed concerns about the safety and reliability of the US dollar. America has dominated the global financial system ever since July of 1944. During this period, the financial leaders of the western world met ...

14.07.2014 22:55:00

Islam, the hidden “I” in BRICS

... Moscow, bragging that "we control the Chechens" and threatening Russia with terror attacks if the Kremlin did not support Saudi position on Syria. Do Russia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia still do business? Yes. A similar situation exists in China, where the government of Xi Jinping continues the policy of selling weapons and some dual use technology to Iran, and conventional arms to Saudi Arabia. China is also tagged as the bad guy by universal rights-human rights NGOs who say the BRICS ...

14.07.2014 04:38:00


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