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The Ukrainian Challenge for Russia

The Ukrainian Challenge for Russia

RIAC Working Paper

The events in Ukraine in 2013-2014 did not reveal any new, deep-rooted contradictions between Kiev and Moscow; they had existed long before, albeit not so acutely.

They have, however, triggered the fiercest confrontation between the two biggest countries in the post-Soviet space, which has raised numerous questions regarding the future of Russian-Ukrainian relations, along with exposing a whole range of serious problems within the entire international security system.


Sergei Markedonov, PhD in History, Associate Professor, Department of Regional Studies and Foreign Policy, Russian State University for the Humanities, RIAC Expert.

Alexander Gushchin, PhD in History, Associate Professor, Department of Post-Soviet Countries, Russian State University for the Humanities, RIAC expert.

Anna Tsibulina, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor at MGIMO-University Integration Processes Department.


The Economic Component of the Ukrainian Crisis
Post-Soviet Ukraine: Features and Contradictions of National State Development
Ukraine after the Second Maidan: Internal Political Rehabilitation
RussiaUkraine: Conflict over Territorial Integrity
The Foreign Policy Dimension of the Ukrainian Crisis
Between Balkanization and the Peace Process: Forecasts for the Future

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