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Scenarios for Ukraine. Russian and Ukrainian expert's comments

Scenarios for Ukraine. Russian and Ukrainian expert's comments


Igor Ivanov: Russia and Europe Have to Rescue Ukraine Together

Ukraine is sick now. And it is not a minor cold, but a dangerous fever.
We have to urgently move away from mutual accusations to elaborating specific ways through which Ukraine — together with active and coordinated Russian and EU assistance — can introduce the needed political and economic reforms to stabilize the situation, to get back to a normal life and to start implementing structural changes in its economy and social life.

Gevorg Mirzayan: Interests Always Need to be Protected

Research fellow at the RAS U.S. and Canadian Studies Institute. Correspondent, Expert magazine

Oleksandr Lytvynenko: No sober-minded person in Ukraine candeny that Russia has very serious strategic interests on Ukrainian territory

Dr. of Political Science, Former Deputy Director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies in Kiev and one of the founders of the New Ukraine Institute of Strategic Studies.

Alexander Gushchin: Russia is signalling that it is ready for a dialogue

Associate Professor, Department of Post-Soviet Countries, Russian State University for the Humanities

Oksana Gorobets: Ukraine will not disintegrate

Researcher at the Institute of Economics and Forecasting

Eugenia Voiko: The federalization of Ukraine would be the most acceptable scenario

Ph.D. in Political Science, Assistant Professor of the Applied Political Science Department at the Financial University of the Russian Federation Government.

Ella Zadorozhnyuk: To establish a system of taxation Ukraine in consultation with Russia, the European Union and the United States

Dr. of Historical Sciences, Department of Modern History and Socio-Political Issues of Central and South Eastern European Countries, RAS Institute of Slavonic Studies.

Alexander Pivovarenko: The Ukrainian Situation: What to Avoid and What to Strive for

RAS Institute of Slavonic Studies

Alexander Nosovich: The Bifurcation Point: Ukraine Caught between Nationalism, Federalism and Disintegration

Baltic Federal University, Observer on the RuBaltic.ru

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