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On March 23th Russian International Affairs Council under the auspices of the Presidents Administration and the Government of the Russian Federation organized a workshop conference Euro-Atlantic security community: myth or reality.
On April 11th Russian International Affairs Council jointly with Human Rights Watch held a roundtable on the issue of humanitarian interventions.
On April 13th within the framework of the Councils project Roadmap for International Cooperation in the Arctic there took place the workshop Cooperation in the area of mineral and other natural fossil resources exploitation of the Arctic Ocean sea-bed including the Arctic continental shelf.
On April 17th Russian International Affairs Council held a workshop on Central Asian electric power industry.
Topics. Analysis
Political situation in Syria and its influence on the developments in the Middle East.
The future of Europe from the map game perspective.
G. Toloraya. North Korea Goes into the Tension-Prone Orbit
On the situation with North Korean rocket program. The role of Russia in addressing the problem.
V. Karlusov. The Arctic Vector of Chinese Globalization
On the Chinese strategy in the Arctic region.
M. Bratersky. Russia Has Joined the WTO: Now It Is Time to Think Whether This Was Necessary
On advantages and disadvantages of Russias accession to WTO.
Disintegration of the Soviet Block
20 years of the post-communist states. A series of articles.


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