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Six Criteria for Military Intervention: Right Authority

In this entry I explore the last one out of six criteria for military intervention, which defines who has the right to authorize military intervention. Criterion 6: Right authority It is rather important to ensure that a military intervention is legitimate and has broad support from the international community. The United Nations Security Council is the only international body that should represent the world’s voice and make decisions with binding force. But the politicization of the...

08.11.2012 22:08:00

Six Criteria for Military Intervention: Proportional Means and Reasonable Prospect

... chances of challenging local forces. At the same time the intervening force must not be excessive – intervention is different from full scale war. Proportional means would put a constraint on the use of force, which should be minimized during humanitarian interventions. Coupled with proportional means, a clear mandate authorized by the UN Security Council containing detailed instructions on what exactly can and cannot be done on the ground will manage the expectations of all parties to the ...

02.11.2012 04:52:00

Six Criteria for Military Intervention: Just Cause and Right Intention

In this entry I explore second and third criteria for military intervention, namely, looking at just cause and primary motivation for intervention. Criterion 2: Just Cause Military intervention requires a lot of resources and enormous political will, and might be quite dangerous for the troops participating in the intervention. Military intervention can be only justified when non-intervention will result in more civilian casualties. Without a just cause, military intervention cannot be called...

30.10.2012 22:02:00

Six Criteria for Military Intervention: Last Resort

In my previous blog entry I talked about the politicized and selective approaches of UN Member States to making decision on intervention into intra-state conflicts. So, what could be the solution to this problem? What is needed to minimize the politicization? Clear criteria for military intervention should be defined in international law, so that when an intra-state conflict erupts, the international community, having timely assessed the conflict on the ground, could run through a checklist of those...

29.10.2012 03:36:00

Politicization of the United Nations: the Human Cost

The goal of “saving succeeding generations from the scourge of war” professed by the international community in the United Nations Charter quite often collides with the real resources and risks that UN Member States are willing to commit to achieve it. The horrifying levels of human suffering experienced in Somalia, Rwanda and now Syria are just some of examples of the UN’s failure to comply with its founding goal of protecting civilians from mass atrocities and violence. The...

30.09.2012 16:29:00

Ответственность по защите: своевременное и решительное реагирование

После того, как международное сообщество оказалось неспособно предотвратить геноцид в Руанде в 1994 году и массовые убийства в Сребренице в 1995 году, мировые лидеры поклялись, что никогда больше такого не допустят. В 2000 году Кофи Анан обратился к Генеральной Ассамблее ООН с вопросом: «Если гуманитарная интервенция - это посягательство на суверенитет государства, то как тогда международное сообщество должно реагировать на ужасающие нарушения прав человека, противоречащие всем законам человеческого...

07.09.2012 06:32:00

Russia’s Reasons for UN Veto

... knows what will happen to the base if the armed rebels take control of the country? As well, Syria is Russia’s only Arab allay, and Moscow, of course, would like to keep it that way. It is no secret that Moscow has problems with the notion of humanitarian interventions. It is not clear what those criteria for intervention are, and how to make sure that intervention doesn’t infringe on state’s sovereignty and that interveners are not guided by selfish ends. Unlawful exercise of ...

20.07.2012 14:10:00

2012 Failed States Index

... external interventions sometimes cause other indicators to change, for example, military interventions might spur more violence that would lead to the increase of Group Grievance’s score or they might affect the economic decline. It implies that humanitarian interventions might lead to a drastic increase in county’s score. Let’s take a look at Libya. According to FSI 2011 (the Index is based on the data from 2010) Libya scored 68,7 and after military intervention in 2011 it drastically ...

15.07.2012 16:11:00

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