Currency Wars

Mikhail Yeremeev

The RIAC Currency Wars blog will be a blog analyzing the manipulation of currency exchange rates and other financial indexes by governments to benefit their respective countries both politically and economically. This blog will be written for those who are interested in learning about how economical factors influence international politics. My blog will also analyze the economic relations between the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China, and the steps both governments are taking to reduce the influence of the US dollar in global trade. I believe that it is important for western investors to understand the activities of emerging markets, in order to understand their aims, and look for potential investment opportunities. As a young adult with much experience living both in the United States and in Russia, I have seen the differences in both societies, and hopefully with my blog, I will be able to help others understand Russian macroeconomic and international aims.

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  1. Каковы, по вашему мнению, цели США в отношении России?
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    Создать союзнические отношения в противовес Китаю на условиях США  
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