Russia-EU relations

Marta Dionisio

Marta Dionisio is a Double Master's student in International Relations at MGIMO University in Moscow and at LUISS University in Rome. She has a Bachelor in Political Science at LUISS University, where she wrote her thesis on the conservative trends in Russian internal and foreign policy. Currently, her main research interests are foreign affairs and Russian foreign policy, in particular towards the West. Marta is writing her Master thesis on the European Eastern Partnership and the consequences for Russia-EU relations. Her blog tries to touch the core aspects of Russian-EU relations, including economic, political and social issues. It gives a special attention to Eastern Europe, analysing the various issues that affect Russia-EU relations in this area. Among the topics of the blog are energy security, the problem of identity and the values of Eastern Europe countries and the problem of trust between Russia and the EU.

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  1. Как вы оцениваете угрозу от нового коронавируса и реакцию на него?
    Реакция на коронавирус гипертрофирована и представляется более опасной, чем сам вирус  
     369 (43%)
    В мире всё ещё недооценивается угроза вируса — этим и объясняется пандемический характер распространения заболевания  
     277 (32%)
    Реакция на коронавирус адекватна угрозе, представляемой пандемией COVID-19  
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