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Esther Bartl

Esther Bartl is a graduate student in International Relations at SAIS, The Johns Hopkins University. She spent her BA program in political science in Berlin, Hong Kong and New York City. Esther Bartl focuses on international security and military affairs of NATO and the post-Soviet space as well as on the development of post-Soviet societies. After having gained in-country experience in Latvia and Georgia, she has finally found her way to the capital of Russia. This blog aims to provide a realistic analysis of historical and current developments in the post-Soviet space. Herewith, Esther Bartl aims to provide a neutral perspective on the politics of Russia, the Ukraine, the Baltic States and the South Caucasus. Her blog tries to combine personal experience with academic expertise.

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  1. Как вы оцениваете угрозу от нового коронавируса и реакцию на него?
    Реакция на коронавирус гипертрофирована и представляется более опасной, чем сам вирус  
     369 (43%)
    В мире всё ещё недооценивается угроза вируса — этим и объясняется пандемический характер распространения заболевания  
     277 (32%)
    Реакция на коронавирус адекватна угрозе, представляемой пандемией COVID-19  
     211 (25%)