Politics and Policy: The Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson Years

Регион: Северная Америка
Год издания: 1969


Организация: The Brookings Institution

Издательство: Brookings Inst Pr

During the past twenty years, as the federal government has rapidly increased its expenditures for scientific research and education at American universities, questions have arisen about the effectiveness and purpose of these expenditures. How much should be spent? How should funds be allocated: by project awards to individual investigators or by broader grants to academic institutions for local allocation? Should all scientific fields receive more support than others, and by what criteria should this be determined?

These are some questions examined in this book , which contains papers and summaries of the discussions held by a group of scientists, government officials, congressmen, and academic administrators in a series of seminars at the Brookings Institution. The participants also considered the role of the Congress in science affairs and the ethical problems implicit in government-university relationships.

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