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17 march 2017

Keeping Peace in Africa in the 21st Century

Dmitry Borisov International Security expert, MA in International Affairs, Sciences Po Paris/MGIMO


In the past 25 years, Africa has made great strides towards development and peace, but conflict is still present in many places on the continent. For this reason, there has been an unprecedented surge in both the scale of peacekeeping and peacebuilding activities, as well as in the number of actors engaged in conflict resolution. Complex and challenging, the African security landscape presents the United Nations (UN), the African Union (AU), and the broader international community with numerous opportunities for trial, error, and experimentation.

31 july 2015

Africa: Obama’s Last Chance

Anastasia Tolstukhina Diplomatic Academy, RIAC Expert


During Barack Obama’s first presidential term, Africa was not among the U.S. foreign policy priorities. In spite of his African roots, America’s first black president, contrary to expectations, focused attention not on Africa but on tackling such problems as the U.S. economy, Iraq, Afghanistan and so on. Yet, during his second term, Obama has tried to strengthen Washington’s engagement with African affairs and to put Africa back on the U.S. foreign policy agenda.

08 july 2014

United Africa?

Vladimir Shubin Doctor of History, Professor, Chief Researcher at the RAS Institute of African Studies, RIAC Expert


In 2013, Africa celebrated the golden jubilee of its continental organization – the Organization of African Unity, which in 2002 was reorganized into the African Union. To what extent has the dream of its “founding fathers” to unite Africa become a reality? How many more years will it take for this to come true, or is it time to admit that achieving unity is no different from chasing a rainbow?

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