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14 — 16 march 2017

RIAC at Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit


On March 14–16, 2017, Berkeley (U.S.A.) hosted VII Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit organized by East West Institute. Global summit is the Institute's flagship event that has been held in various countries (the U.S.A., India, Germany, Great Britain) since 2010.

The event was attended by over 150 representatives from governmental institutions (the U.S. Department of State, Department of the Treasury, the F.B.I.), UN GGE, business (Microsoft, Huawei, etc.), universities and think-tanks from a number of countries including China, India, Russia, Singapore, Kenya and Holland.

The experts worked in the format of breakthrough groups on key cyberspace-related issues and presented the results of their discussion at plenary panel. The breakthrough sessions covered norms of behavior in cyberspace, data encryption and the lawfulness of government access, the Internet of things, systemic risks and cyber insurance, and global availability and use of secure ICT products and services. With the diversity of participants' backgrounds breakthrough groups managed to prepare a set of recommendations for each set of issues covered, which are soon to be incorporated into a paper.

Francis Fukuyama, a well-known U.S. journalist and political scientist, was a keynote speaker at the event.

Pavel Sharikov, RIAC expert, and Maria Smekalova, RIAC website editor, represented RIAC at the event. Maria Smekalova spoke at the "Insights from Young Leaders" plenary panel. RIAC and EWI are working on a joint Russia-U.S. cooperation in cyberspace project.

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