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09 march 2017

DGAP Roundtable "The World in 100 Years: EU and Russia Perspective"


On March 7, 2017, Berlin hosted a roundtable dedicated to forecasting long-term global, regional and country trends. The event was held due to "The World in 100 Years" being published in English by Russian international affairs council (RIAC).

The book consists of over 50 long-term predictions on separate spheres of international relations. Leading Russian experts share their outlook on the future of military conflicts, world order, great powers' status, technological development and the dinamic of the more pressing social issues. 

The discussion of the book was initiated by German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP). The event was mainly organized by Stefan Meister, Head of the Robert Bosch Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia at DGAP.

The event united representatives of Federal Foreign Office and Federal Ministry of Finance, Bundestag employees, representatives of a number of think-tanks (German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Hannah Arendt Institute, the Aspen Institute), various companies and business associations (Airbus, Space Robots GmbH, Ernst & Young, Eastern European business association), foreign states embassies (Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Finland, Netherlands, Romania, the U.S.A.) as well as German and foreign media representatives.

RIAC was represented by Ivan Timofeev, Director of Programs, and Sergey Afontsev, RIAC member.

The discussion showed the rising interest in forecasting among German scientists and politicians. Russian scientists' highly professional and pragmatic approaches receive a lot of attention in Germany. It should be noted that Germans are interested not only in Russian studies, but in Russia's view on global trends as well.


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