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11 october 2016

Russia and the US in the Arctic

Andrey Zagorsky RIAC member, Department Head at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Over the last years relations between Russia and the US have significantly deteriorated in the majority of cooperation areas. However, Russia-US interaction in the Arctic remains largely shielded from the general climate of mistrust.

Given the current strained relationship, it is realistic to expect that particularly in the short term Russia—US cooperation on Arctic issues is easier to improve, and thus more likely to be expected within multilateral frameworks, such as the Arctic Council, International Maritime Organization, or ad hoc forums, rather than through bilateral formats.

The Working Paper focuses on the US and Russia’s interests, challenges and opportunities for maintaining and consolidating a cooperative relationship in the Arctic and seeks to identify particular issues that could and should be pursued in the near-term (next three years) and mid-term (next five years) taking into account the results of the US Chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

Russia and the US in the Arctic , 1,63 Мб


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Andrey Zagorsky, “Russia and the US in the Arctic,” Russian International Affairs Council, 11 October 2016,

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