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08 september 2016

RIAC opens a window to the 22nd century

Late last August, the Russian International Affairs Council published reader "The World in 100 Years" containing 55 articles in Russian and English languages. It is a result of RIAC's long-standing experimental project by key Russian and foreign experts who offered their forecasts about various aspects of politics, economy and social life on the turn of the 21st century.

The reader presents Russia's first large-scale attempt to cast a glance into the far-away future and outlines the contours of human life in 100 years, including the global political architecture, the future of liberalism and conservatism, maps of Europe and the Middle East, wars, global population and many other things.

The book appears of interest for foreign policy experts and journalists, as well as for the public.

The reader is available in main book and Internet stores.

The abridged version can be found on the RIAC website in section "The World in 100 Years."


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