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30 september 2015

Broad coalition against Islamic State hardly possible now

Vitaly Naumkin Director of the RAS Institute for Oriental Studies, RAS Full Member, RIAC member

Broad coalition for fighting against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization is hardly possible now, and exchanging information and coordinating actions should be on top of the agenda at the current stage, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences Vitaly Naumkin told a press conference in TASS on Tuesday.

"Full-fledged coalition is hardly possible today," Naumkin said. "However, there are common interests, exchange of information, and this is important. Not many people want IS to exist," he noted.

"The main task now is to coordinate actions, exchange information, agree on informing each other about each other’s actions," Naumkin explained. The expert said "it is important to involve other interested countries that also face a terrorist threat." Among such countries are India, China, Pakistan and Egypt.

Source: TASS

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Vitaly Naumkin, “Broad coalition against Islamic State hardly possible now,” Russian International Affairs Council, 30 September 2015,

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