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27 may 2014

Russia and the Challenges of the Digital Environment

This working paper was written as part of the Russian International Affairs Council’s project “Information Security, Response to Cyber Threats and the Use of the Internet to Defend Russia’s National Interests on the International Scene.”

In their articles, the authors expound on Russia’s presence in cyberspace and suggest the identification of a reference point from which to develop the discussion and seek an effective strategy for Russian participants in global internet processes. The materials place particular emphasis on the use of online tools to improve the quality of foreign policy.

V.S. Ovchinsky, Dr. of Laws; E.S. Larina; S.A. Kulik, Ph.D. in Political Science.

Russia and the Challenges of the Digital Environment: Working paper, 519 Kb

Working paper comment

Working paper comment

Alexander Kanapin, University of Oxford: Is the Bioinformatic Apocalypse Looming: Big Data and Biosecurity

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“Russia and the Challenges of the Digital Environment,” Russian International Affairs Council, 27 May 2014,

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