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17 september 2013

Russia–European Union: Potential for Partnership

The report analyses the development of Russia–European Union Relations. In the authors’ opinion the high level of economic interdependence between Russia and the European Union, their geographic proximity and the nature of international relations in a globalized world make it imperative that the parties continue to build and develop their relations.

The key issue is to give this cooperation a new impetus and increase the level of trust. The report outlines recommended steps to make relations as good as possible.


I.M. Busygina (Chairperson), Dr. of Political Science; Al. A. Gromyko, Dr. of Political Science; N. K. Arbatova, Dr. of Political Science; M.V. Strezhneva, Dr. of Political Science; L.V. Ignatova, Ph.D. in Political Science; N. Yu. Kaveshkinov, Ph.D. in  Political Science; T. A. Romanova, Ph.D. in Political Science.

Russia–European Union: Potential for Partnership, PDF, 645 Кb.

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“Russia–European Union: Potential for Partnership,” Russian International Affairs Council, 17 September 2013,

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