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03 — 04 march 2017

Russia's Role in International Relations Discussed in Budapest


On March 3-4, Central European University (Budapest) hosted international conference "Russia in International Relations: in Search of Role and Identity." The event gathered university professors, experts and dplomats from Hungary, Germany, the U.S.A., Armenia, Turkey, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Poland and China. Russia was represented by Fyodor Lukyanov, RIAC member, Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, and several RIAC experts.


31 december 2016

RIAC. 2016 Results


2016 marks an important landmark for RIAC - its first 5 years of work. The Council has managed to achieve tangible results: it has become an established think-tank both in Russia and beyond its borders, regularly publishes analytical materials both in paperback and online, organizes international events. RIAC website has a firm position among leading websites dedicated to international affairs. The website is visited by over a million unique users annually.


20 december 2016

21st Session of RIAC Presidium


On December 20, 2016, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) held the 21st session of its Presidium. The members fixed the documents outlining Council's work in 2017 as well as the plan of action for 2017. Financial and accounting reports were also discussed and approved.

01 june 2016

Sergey Lavrov meets with Russian NGOs


On June 1, 2016 Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of RIAC, held a regular meeting with representatives of Russian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the Small Mansion of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) was represented at the meeting by its Deputy Program Director Timur Makhmutov and Media and Government Relations Manager Anton Tsvetov .

15 january 2016

RIAC at the Gaidar Forum


On January 13-15, 2016 the Russian Presidential Academy of the National Economy and Public Administration held in Moscow a regular meeting of the Gaidar Forum. It was attended by theorists and practitioners, the world's leading scholars and politicians, representatives of the Russian political establishment. The forum hosted events of different level and scale: plenary sessions, expert round tables and panel discussions. The moderators of the Forum were senior politicians and influential experts: Russian government officials, representatives of regional authorities, leading national and foreign economists.

02 december 2015

17th Session of RIAC Presidium


On November 26, 2015, the 17th Session of RIAC Presidium was held to adopt the plan and other documents regulating RIAC activities in 2016, as well as to discuss and endorse financial and accounting reports. The Presidium approved the list of candidates for RIAC individual membership.

27 november 2015

2015 RIAC Members General Meeting


On November 26, 2015, RIAC held yet another annual General Meeting, the top governing body of the think tank, which was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who addressed the audience with opening remarks. At the Meeting RIAC President Igor Ivanov announced that RIAC Board of Trustees unanimously elected Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as the Board Chairman, the post occupied by late Academician Eugeny Primakov since RIAC establishment.

11 november 2015

Scholars and Field Workers Discuss Soft Power


On November 11, 2015, RIAC Deputy Program Director Timur Makhmutov was at international conference "Soft Power and Culture Diplomacy in the 21st Century" held by Russian University of Peoples' Friendship with participation of prominent experts and officials engaged in public diplomacy and development of international ties.

22 october 2015

Cross-Border Cooperation Discussed at Strategy Forum


On October 19-20, 2015, St. Petersburg hosted the 14th All-Russia Forum "Strategic Planning in Russia's Regions and Cities: A Space for Choice and Choice of a Space". The agenda included roundtable "Areas for Russia's Cross-Border Cooperation: a Comparative Analysis" where representatives of RIAC delivered reports upon invitation of the Russian Ministry for Economic Development.

23 september 2015

Congratulations to RIAC President Igor Ivanov on his 70th Birthday!


2015 год для современной истории международных отношений отмечен целым рядом знаковых юбилейных дат: 70 лет ООН, 65 лет Европейской конвенции по правам человека, 40 лет Хельсинскому Заключительному акту СБСЕ, 25 лет объединению Германии, 20 лет ВТО. По прошествии лет мы видим эволюцию институтов и организаций, основанных почти полвека назад, продолжаем пристально наблюдать за развитием событий, начало которым было положено в 1990-ые годы. Однако за всем этим от нас не должна ускользать человеческая составляющая, роль личности в появлении новых идей и глобальных инициатив. Сегодня мы поздравляем с юбилеем президента РСМД, министра иностранных дел России (1998–2004), секретаря Совета Безопасности Российской Федерации (2004–2007) Игоря Сергеевича Иванова, отмечая его колоссальный вклад в развитие современной внешней политики России и укрепление международных контактов.


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