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29 july 2015

The Obsolete Legacy of Antarctica

Alexei Fenenko PhD in History, Leading research fellow at RAS Institute of International Security Problems, Associate Professor at School of world politics of MSU, RIAC expert


The Antarctic has long been of marginal importance for Russia, although Antarctic issues are closely linked to higher-profile ones involving the Arctic. Moscow is adamant about preserving the revised system for sectoral division of the Arctic and maintaining its exclusive rights to the Northern Sea Route, while also rejecting the mechanical application of the principles of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea to the Arctic Ocean. At the same time, Russia supports the Antarctic’s international status, the Southern Ocean as a neutral zone, and a ban on economic activity on the southernmost continent. As a result, diverging approaches to both the Arctic and Antarctic complicate Russian diplomacy.

23 may 2013

In Search of New Life Forms under the Antarctic Ice Sheet



Drilling, water sampling and the possible discovery of new life forms in Antarctic subglacial Lake Vostok have been among the major scientific feats of recent years. Since the research has been fortunately conducted by Russian scientists, we speak with Dr. Valery V. Lukin, Chief of Russian Antarctic Expedition and Deputy Director of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, on the standing of Russian Antarctic exploration and the significance of Lake Vostok studies for Russian and global science.

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