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14 — 16 march 2017

RIAC at Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit


On March 14–16, 2017, Berkeley (U.S.A.) hosted VII Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit organized by East West Institute. Global summit is the Institute's flagship event that has been held in various countries (the U.S.A., India, Germany, Great Britain) since 2010. Pavel Sharikov, RIAC expert, and Maria Smekalova, RIAC website editor, represented RIAC at the event. Maria Smekalova spoke at the "Insights from Young Leaders" plenary panel. RIAC and EWI are working on a joint Russia-U.S. cooperation in cyberspace project.

03 october 2016

“The Hacked World Order” – How Messed Up are We?

Maria Gurova Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, RIAC Expert


“The Hacked World Order” by Adam Segal, director of the program on digital and cyberspace policy at the Council on Foreign Relations, was published in the early 2016 and is one of the latest attempts to cover all the events in the cyber domain. This is an extremely ambitious task executed by one of the best professionals in the area. “The Hacked World Order” can be even seen as a contemporary history textbook of how cyberspace has evolved over the last decade or so.

16 may 2016

RIAC and EWI hold an international seminar “Russia-US Cyber Cooperation – Building New Relations”


On May 16, 2016 the Russian International Affairs Council together with the EastWest Institute held an international seminar “Russia-US Cyber Cooperation – Building New Relations.” During the seminar, the participating experts discussed cooperation in countering cyber terrorism; indentifying terminology, critical for Russia and the United States in the field of cyber security; strengthening cooperative action and early warning of cyber attacks; the state’s role in the Internet development and the interaction of the Internet and business communities of the two countries.

12 april 2016

The Moon Was Shining, The Stars Were Bright…

Alexei Fenenko PhD in History, Leading research fellow at RAS Institute of International Security Problems, Associate Professor at School of world politics of MSU, RIAC expert


The RAND report’s subtitle is particularly noteworthy: “Past Problems and Future Challenges”. It shows that the authors are trying to bridge the gap between past attempts at studying the militarization of space, the present situation, and modelling future problems. At first glance, the report appears to be a purely technical analysis of the United States’ current programmes to militarize space. In actual fact, however, it contains a layer of information that provokes further thought and reflection.

22 march 2016

The Web Data War Is On

Julien Nocetti Research Fellow at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI)


Apple, the world’s largest company by market capitalization and a pioneer of cutting-edge technology that we use every day, is in one corner. The United States, the world’s most powerful nation and the birthplace of the information society, which is also a society of total surveillance than envelops us all, is in the other. They have locked horns in a conflict that is set to have both global and local implications.

18 february 2016

RIAC’s Infographics Wins Digital Communication AWARDS - 2016


RIAC’s infographics on Russian-German relations has won an award in Digital Communication AWARDS – 2016 special nomination. The infographics, prepared within the framework of RIAC and Körber Foundation joint initiative “German-Russian International Affairs Dialogue (GRID),” covers economic indicators of Russian-German relations in 2014-2015, and reveals the data on trade, mutual investment, tourism and academic exchange between the Russian Federation and Germany.

10 february 2016

Cyberspace: Can Real Players be Brought Together Virtually?

Elena Zinovieva PhD in Political Science, World Political Processes Department of the MGIMO University


Each year Europe and the US celebrate a Safer Internet Day encouraging web literacy among their citizens, especially the young ones – children and students. However, recently international community has been trying to widen the cyber agenda and work more closely on managing cyber threats, securing personal data and overall international cyber cooperation. Further below you will find an Russian expert view on recent report featured by Carnegie Europe covering major issues of Transatlantic cyber cooperation and leadership.

09 february 2016

Safer Internet Day in Moscow


On February 9, 2016 Moscow hosted an annual meeting of the Cyber Security Forum. The meeting was held in Digital October under the auspices of the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) and the Regional Public Center of Internet-technologies (ROCIT) and support from the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce and the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce (CCIFR). The event was timed to Safer Internet Day and Safe Runet Week. The forum was attended by representatives of government agencies and businesses, as well as Russian and foreign experts.

27 october 2015

Better than a “Global Player”. Interview with Yandex Product Marketing Director


In times of economic crisis many people emphasize the necessity of diversifying the Russian economy and stimulating the development of advanced technologies. Director of Product Marketing at Yandex Andrey Sebrant have discussed with RIAC international activities of the company, principles of working abroad and the research intensity of the Russian economy.

21 september 2015

Cradle of Surveillance

Maria Gurova Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, RIAC Expert


We live in a world that seems borderless and limitless. You can find almost anything you want with a short Google-search. Most of us do not believe that we are being watched. How do you feel about it? That your government can extract your personal information from your laptop, tablet, cellphone? Some would become fearful, anxious and paranoid. However, there are those who do not mind and tacitly support their state’s vision of national security. Nearly 5.5 million such people constitute a prosperous and advanced nation living in the city-state of Singapore.

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