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24 october 2016

Lebanese People Awaiting Breakthrough Solutions

Alexei Sarabyev PhD in History, Chief of Research and Publishing Dept, RAS Oriental Studies Institute


The Lebanese political field does not seem to show any signs of a transition to a phased solution of the key problems facing the country – that is, the crisis of the legislative and executive branches, social security issues, economic hardship, unemployment, refugees, etc. Yet serious shifts are under way beneath the surface that seem to promise an early change of the landscape.

21 — 24 october 2016

Andrey Kortunov at the Third North Pavilion Dialogue in Beijing


On October 21-24 Beijing University hosted a regular meeting of the North Pavilion Dialogue — an annual international forum of high-level discussion of topical issues of world politics. RIAC Director General Andrey Kortunov represented Russia at the meeting. The topic of the North Pavilion Dialogue meeting in 2016 was “Global Governance: Strengthening and Reforming International Institutions.”


22 october 2016

The XXI Conference of the Baltic Forum in Jurmala


On October 22, 2016 the Baltic Forum with participation of RIAC held in Jurmala, Latvia, the XXI International Conference “Russia-EU: the Challenges of Interdependence and the Setting of a New Agenda.” Leading experts from Latvia, Russia, the EU, and the United States delivered reports at the Conference, which was also attended by Latvian officials.

23 october 2016

Hungarian Uprising. 60 years on

Viktor Katona Oil Supply Specialist at MOL Group, RIAC expert


Sunday, October 23rd, 2016, marks the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Uprising. The confrontation between the socialist and capitalist blocs may be past history, but popular discontent has not gone away, it merely took on a modern form. Witness the case of Ukraine where, against the background of economic growth, the people organized an unprecedented protest movement, and uprisings or coups happening in countries with democratically elected governments.

20 october 2016

Dr Richard Weitz delivered a lecture “Russia-US Dialogue on Nuclear Disarmament Amidst Crisis in Bilateral Relations”


On October 20, 2016 Dr Richard Weitz, Director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis at Hudson Institute, delivered a public lecture “Russia-US Dialogue on Nuclear Disarmament Amidst Crisis in Bilateral Relations” at the Russian International Affairs Council.

22 — 20 october 2016

RIAC Expert Group Meets with Experts from Carnegie Foundation and Chicago Council on Global Affairs


On October 20, 2016 Moscow hosted a meeting of RIAC members with an American Working Group delegation, established by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, to draw up recommendations on shaping the American foreign policy towards Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia as a whole.

20 october 2016

Experts from Russia, Germany, Sweden and China Discuss Safety of Large-Scale Development Projects in Eurasia


On October 20, 2016 the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the National Research University Higher School of Economics, the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy and the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung) held an international seminar “The Silk Road Economic Belt: In Search of EU’s and China’s Common Interests in the Field of Security.”

20 october 2016

RIAC and PRC Embassy in Russia Officials Discuss Realities and Prospects for SREB and EEU Convergence


On October 20, 2016 the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the Chinese Embassy in the Russian Federation held a roundtable “Realities and Prospects for Convergence of SREB and EEU. Joint efforts to establish a Big Eurasian Partnership.”


21 october 2016

Enviable … stagnation

Mark Entin Editor-in-Chief of All Europe magazine, Professor at MGIMO-University

Ekaterina Entina Associate Professor at National Research University Higher School of Economics


Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, is a likeable fellow. It is hard to find among today’s world leaders a person more charming, wise, experienced, knowledgeable and at the same time so easy-going and ironic. He is the father of the Luxembourg economic miracle. No wonder one can read with some dismay arrogant, disdainful and extremely unfair foreign and Russian media comments on his annual speech to the European Union which is the equivalent of an address to the nation on the national level.

20 october 2016

Working Group of RIAC and CSIS Project Meets in Washington


On October 17, 2016 Washington, DC, hosted a meeting of the working group of RIAC and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) project on the development of Russia-U.S. relations. The working group discussed a draft of the joint report that analyzes the state of Russia-U.S. relations in key areas and makes recommendations for their improvement. The report is expected to be published in late 2016.


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