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14 march
Adriel Kasonta

Ukraine untold: Is it time for America to ignore Ukraine’s unsolved past, and sacrifice its core values and national interest on the alter of the post-Cold War blindness?

As we have just welcomed the year 2017, many geostrategic agencies and foreign policy pundits have already started sharing with us their political risk bets for the coming months.

In almost every of these predictions Russia, and inherently related to her case of Ukraine, is to be found at the top of the list.

Obviously, this would not mean anything extraordinary and could be perceived as a regular New Year’s update of the already appointed foreign policy path, if not for the fact that in in less than five days the inauguration of Donald Trump, who many times during his campaign suggested that wants to improve the recent tragic relations with Moscow, as the 45th President of the United States will be held.

10 march
Ilya Kravchenko

Trump Has Conquered Congress

There is no doubt that Donald Trump is a controversial US President. He does not like mass media but at the same time he conducts long and spontaneous press conferences. At first he speaks about China's containment and a little later he approves the “One-China” policy. At every opportunity he resorts to histrionics, which is one of the key elements of the public political persona of America today. But like any notable politician (whom he clearly considers himself) Trump has to designate the starting point of his future political strategy. And if his inaugural speech was a kind of prologue, the speech before Congress became the living picture of the beginning of the story that will go down in history as “America under the Donald Trump Presidency.”

07 march
Russian Council

Reduce American Aid by 37%. Donald Trump's First Multibillion Victim

One of the first victims of Donald Trump's budget reductions will be the U.S. aid to foreign countries. Aid programs have never been popular in the United States with Donald Trump repeatedly urging to "stop feeding" its enemies and foes during his election campaign. Although Washington spends only 0,17% of its GDP on aid, which is much less than the majority of European countries (up to 1% of GDP), budget cutting might reach several billion dollars.

09 january
Russian Council

The proportion of foreign students studying in the U.S. and Russia is exactly the same – 5%. However, the actual number of foreign students in the United States is four times higher

In the 2016/2017 academic year, the number of foreign students studying in the United States surpassed one million for the first time ever, and stands at 1,044,000 (a 7 per cent increase from the previous year). As of today, around 5% of all students in the United States come from abroad. Foreign students bring in $38 billion dollars to the U.S. economy every year.

17 december
Brian Frydenborg

The (First) Russo-American Cyberwar: How Obama Lost & Putin Won, Ensuring a Trump Victory

The story of how Russia won the (First) Russo-American Cyberwar because American President Barack Obama did not fight back and failed to protect America’s democracy from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s well-orchestrated, wide-ranging cyberassault, part of Russia’s wider war on Western democracy

09 december
Adriel Kasonta

With the case of Syria and Ukraine pushing the U.S-Russia relations towards the Cold War 2.0, President Trump would be well advised to remember Gorbachov’s and Bush Sr.’s post-Cold War political testament left in Malta when he gets into office in Washington

It is now fair to say that the case of Syria and Ukraine clearly exposed fallacy of thinking that US, and in broader sense the West, relations with Russia have improved in any shape or form since the end of the Cold War era, as we are currently witnessing significant moment in the human history when these very ties have plunged to levels unseen since the end of the East-West division ended in the late ‘80s.

28 november
Anastasia Borik

With Fear and Reproach

While Russia is popping champagne to celebrate Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections, Latin America is taking safeguard measures in order to neutralize the potential political and economic risks from the billionaire’s presidency.