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06 may
Filippo Malinverno

The European Sanctions, Italy and the Russian Federation: How Rome Can Help Moscow inside the EU

If the EU’s position towards Moscow remains, for the moment adamant, inside the Union there are countries which do not approve this attitude of unconditional adversity. Italy is, in this regard, at the forefront of what is becoming a real battle: soften and, if possible, abolish the regime of sanctions against Russia to restore a dialogue for too long unproductive.

25 june
Daniel Djouder

How Italy is Paying a High Price for Anti-Russian Policies

Just a few days ago the European Union has confirmed that the economic sanctions against the Russian Federation were extended for another year, or specifically up to 19th January 2016. Despite attempts to minimize the perceived impact of this policy on the economy of the EU in the eyes of the public opinion, the price being paid to pursue this power politics agenda is none else but a hefty one. In this article I will focus on the actual catastrophic consequences of the sanctions on Italy, the reason of this choice resides in the status of this country as one of the former leading economic partner of Russia in Europe, second only to Germany.

11 february
Ernesto Gallo, Giovanni Biava

Mister Draghi, the politician

Who is the most powerful Italian in the world? According to Forbes, in 2014 it was Mario Draghi, whom the American magazine ranked the 8th most powerful person in the world. Draghi is the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), but, despite his ‘technical’ job, is playing a much more important and broader role and is arguably the top politician in the EU institutions. On 22 January, he unveiled a massive programme of Quantitative Easing (QE) for the Eurozone: a stimulus of up to 1.1 trillion € until September 2016 to fight deflation and revive the moribund EU economy. It is a bold, if late, political move. What will Germany think?

28 february
Russian Council

Publications Review 27.02.2013

In this issue you will find: Political deadlock in Italy and its consequences for Germany; Asian counties comments on Pope Benedict XVI's resignation; Preparations for the first visit of Myanmar President Thein Sein to Europe; Six Party talks with Iran in Kazakhstan and more...