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03 november
Guilherme Schneider

Israel: Impossible to Break - by Eli Hazan

What would you say if you found out that UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization – decided to deny the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Vatican or the relationship between Islam and Mecca? You would probably be horrified at such an absurd decision. This was the feeling of Jews around the world, when in October 2016, the organization came to a decision denying the link between the Jewish people and the Temple Mount. How irrational was this decision? So much so, that most of the leaders of the free world opposed the decision and even UNESCO’s own Secretary General Irina Bokova downplayed it by saying that it has no validity.

29 september
Alexander Yermakov

Sesame Opens the Door

After a lot of red tape the US government is about to give the go-ahead to a package of major contracts for the Gulf monarchies’ procurement of arms. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., clearly expressed the feelings of stakeholders, by saying: “Let’s face it, it’s like the hostages left when the money arrived.”

28 june
Alexander Yermakov

The Mightiest of the Mighty

On Wednesday June 22, the official ceremony to mark the acceptance of the first fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II fighter by the Israeli Air Force took place in Texas. The fighter will be given the name F-35I “Adir” (which means “mighty” in Hebrew). They will be the first “Lightning” exports to be put into service outside the United States.

17 april
Brian Frydenborg

Western Democracy Is on Trial, More than Any Time Since WWII

Sudden, shocking, disturbing, and largely self-propelled trends in America and Europe are doing more damage to Western democracy today than Soviet armies or nuclear missiles ever did during the Cold War

18 march
Dmitriy Frolovskiy

Why Israeli-Russian relations will only get better.

Russian military involvement in Syria and the recent agreement with the Syrian government to maintain permanent military bases brings back the Cold War memories when roughly 8000 thousand Soviet soldiers were permanently stationed in Syria. Meanwhile, the Soviet-Israel relations were tensed and the Soviet Union threatened to attack Israel during both the Six Day War and Yom Kippur War, many things have changed since the relations were restored on a diplomatic level 25 years ago.

05 february
RSUH Experts

Ilya Kravchenko: US-Israeli relations on the background of the Middle East tensions

Nowadays, politicians and experts studying the Middle East focus on the war in Syria and the fight against "Islamic state". Nevertheless, it would be a mistake to believe that one of the major conflicts in the Middle East - the Arab-Israeli - faded into the background. At what stage are the negotiations to resolve the conflict? And what is the role of the US as Israel's main ally? 

15 december
Russian Council

New ‘Axis of Resistance’? – Why Russia Avoids Full Identification with the Syrian-Iranian Alliance

The ongoing crisis in Turkish-Russian relations, caused by Ankara shooting down a Russian Su-24 fighter jet on November 24, has thrown into relief another international trend connected to the war in Syria: the apparently growing robustness of a Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance. Speaking to media on Sunday, Ali Akbar Velayati, adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei, stated that "Iran has a duty to reduce tensions between Russia and Turkey".


Author: Hanna Notte