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29 november
Salam AL Rabadi

Arabs and Secularism

National independences must remain divide geographically only. Not civilizational divide contains basic differences. And if there are lessons can be learned from historical developments in terms of the problematic relationship between religion and the state in the forefront of these lessons include.

04 august
Alexander Yermakov

Odyssey Returns

More than five years after the Muammar Gaddafi regime was overthrown, the United States Air Force has once again engaged targets in Libya, this time ISIS positions. These are not the same kind of sporadic air raids that were conducted in previous years, but a full-scale military campaign that will take several weeks at the very least.

28 july
Eric Ehrmann

Brexistentialism for useful innocents

The European Union (EU) has evolved into an engine for global growth and a burgeoning military power, working closely with NATO. But differences among members, exacerbated by the global economic meltdown of 2007, over economic and trade issues, immigration, and mediating extremism, have fomented what some western media asset s and "thought leaders" are describing as Europe's "existential crisis."

 Is it ?

18 july
Joana Li

State Department speech reflects growing security risks in Central Asia

A recent address by senior State Department official Daniel Rosenblum signaled a shift in the direction of American policy in Central Asia, reflecting some critical economic, political and security developments in the area. This year’s speech indicated a marked change, outlining “two, fundamental long-term national security interests” in Central Asia: one, the independence of sovereign states in the post-Soviet space, and two, the stability and security of the region, i.e. the prevention “of violence and the emergence of conditions that could result in states becoming havens for terrorist groups hostile to the United States.”

05 april
Russian Council

Russia's Other War on IS

While its recent partial withdrawal from Syria reignited debates about Russia's seriousness in fighting IS, reports about Moscow stepping up its efforts to fight that terrorist group in Central Asia and the North Caucasus have gone largely unnoticed. Russia launched large-scale military exercises with Tajikistan, as well as a new round of counterterrorism operations in the restive republic of Dagestan.


Author: Hanna Notte