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14 september
Nikolay Murashkin

Australia’s Dilemma: the Chinese Bearing Gifts

Tensions in Australian-Chinese relations spread gloom over developments in the past week. At the Group of Twenty summit in Hangzhou, Chinese President Xi Jinping reproached Malcolm Turnbull for hindering Chinese investment in Australia. At the same time, Labor Senator Sam Dastyari was forced to resign from the opposition’s Shadow Cabinet following a controversy over the payment of his expenses by Chinese organizations. The “New Asian perspectives” blog regards this turbulence as the price Canberra has to pay for its strategy of maneuvering between Beijing and Washington.

24 november
Ernesto Gallo, Giovanni Biava

G20 or G2?

Antalya’s G 20 (15-16 November) was supposed to show to the world the wonders of Erdoğan’s Turkey, but reality has been different. The events in Paris have pushed terrorism high on the agenda, and the instability of the world economy was of course the other key issue. In fact little in Antalya has been achieved. An agreement between the West and Russia in fighting terrorism has not yet been finalised; and on economic issues, the USA and China dominate and leave everyone else far behind.

22 january
Конкурс прогнозов РСМД

Александр Высоцкий: Основные события: Украина и российско-западные отношения, Сирия, Иран, ИГИЛ, ЮКМ, Гонконг, Каталония и президентская гонка в США

Александр Высоцкий, преподаватель кафедры международных отношений и внешней политики МГИМО (У) МИД России предложил свой прогноз по главным темам международной повестки 2015 года.


Перечень основных международных сюжетов в 2015 году впервые за несколько лет в основных своих чертах повторит перечень предшествующего, 2014 года. Это будет Украина и российско-западные отношения, Сирия, Иран, ИГИЛ, ЮКМ, Гонконг, Каталония. К новым сюжетам, конечно, добавится американская президентская гонка.

24 november
Russian Council

Publications Review 24.11.2014. APEC summit, G20, Ukrainian crisis, Berlin wall, Kosovo, Cybersecurity, Globalization, Global Oulook for 2015

November 2014 has been full on international events. First, the world, especially European part of it, celebrated 25th anniversary of the fall of Berlin wall. Then world leaders met on several occasions: during the APEC summit, then shared coffee in sunny Brisbane in Australia on G20. The headlines are still bursting with interpretations and speculations on what has been achieved and what opportunities have been thrown away. This digest features some essays and opinions on these recent events. And not only. Find here: APEC, G20 economies and green management, Ukrainian crisis, the fall of the Berlin wall, Kosovar stalemate, building cyber confidence, new perception of globalization, a new wave of emerging countries and Global Outlook for 2015.

07 august
Kazushige Kobayashi

Japan Exempted from Russian Countermeasures: Russian-Japanese Partnership Reaffirmed

        In the evening of 7 August 2014, Tokyo was struck by a happy surprise: Japan was exempted from Russia’s countermeasures designed in response to Western sanctions. The Jiji Press –a major Japanese media with global networks– immediately reported on its headline that “日本は制裁対象外=欧米の青果など禁輸,” meaning “Japan to be excluded from Russian counter-sanctions –trade bans to be imposed on Western fruits and other products." While the contents of Russian countermeasures have not yet been fully materialized, it is evident that Russian-Japanese partnership was given a special consideration by the Kremlin.  

24 july
Russian Council

Roman Chukov: Youth Diplomacy at Y20 Australia

The main agenda of the Youth Summit included growth, jobs, global leadership and sustainable development. Russia's youth delegation played a pivotal role in preparing the final document and presenting the results, for Russia was part of a troika together with presiding Australia and Turkey, which will take up the presidency in 2015.

23 july
Russian Council

Роман Чуков: Продвижение молодежной дипломатии на саммите G20 в Австралии

В качестве основной повестки дня молодежного саммита Y20 Australia были выбраны такие темы, как рост и создание рабочих мест, глобальное лидерство и устойчивое развитие. Российской молодежной делегации принадлежала ключевая роль при разработке итогового документа, поскольку Россия входит в «тройку» вместе с Австралией и Турцией, к которой председательство в G20 перейдет в 2015 году.