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28 september
Russian Council

European Economic History, the Debt Crisis and its Future Global Prospects

Author: David Shternberg.


A united fiscal policy would mean a central fiscal union on top of the monetary union - whereby countries in the Euro area would surrender sovereignty to a higher, elected power. This would mean turning Europe into the United States of Europe. A fiscal union would be able to cut government spending, how much each government would be able to borrow, and lend. It would control the economy in a way as to not risk the stability of the Euro for the benefits of one nation. Practically, its socialism on an international level - which is precisely why it’s such an unpopular opinion.

05 september
Russian Council

Publications Review 05.09.2014. International monetary system, Trans-Pacific partnership, ISIS extremist activities, Ukrainian crisis

This digest is a comeback from our summer break. A variety of topics is presented here: International monetary system, Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, US Strategic Partnerships in Asia-Pacific Region, ISIS extremist activities in the Middle East, China in the Middle East, Ukrainian crisis and arms control and a bit more.