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20 november
Evgenii Gamerman


         В течение последних 2 недель все мировые СМИ, социальные сети, научные (и не очень) журналы пестрели различного рода и качества материалами о Дональде Трампе, новом хозяине Белого Дома, 45-м Президенте США. Но вот, наконец, страсти несколько улеглись, появились новые информационные «бомбы» (задержание Улюкаева – самая мощная из них). И теперь можно провести «трезвый» анализ произошедшего и сделать небольшой прогноз на будущее. 

18 november
Qi Lin

The Sino-US relations – Recalibration or Repetition?

The U.S. pivot to the Asia-Pacific in Obama Administration has concentrated on reinforcing traditional alliances, redeploying Navy forces, and creating multilateral cooperation mechanisms, such as Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). In September 2016, Obama and President Xi agreed to work together to constructively manage differences and decided to expand and deepen cooperation. America’s allies and China’s neighbours may feel less secure when China and the United States get along. What are the prospects of Sino-US bilateral relations?
07 november
Russian Council

China is Still Underrated. Venture Capital Funding of E-Commerce in China is 25% Higher than in the U.S.

Back in 2013, venture capital financing of Chinese E-Commerce accounted for around 40 per cent of that in the United States ($3 billion vs. $7.3 billion), whereas in 2015, financing in China was already 25 per cent higher ($20.3 billion vs. $16.3 billion). It would seem that production cooperation in the IT sector is one of the “underrated assets” of the engagement between Russia and China.

31 october
Nikolay Murashkin

Japan and Duterte’s Manoeuvres: Regional Bipolarity or Multi-Vector Politics?

On October 25–27, President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte paid his first visit to Japan. The controversial leader used the occasion to secure an economic and defence cooperation deal with Prime Minister of Japan Minister Shinzo Abe, as well as to demand that the U.S. military bases be withdrawn from the Philippines. This is a plot that the New Asian Perspectives blog finds all too familiar.

24 october
Maria Gurova

While you were sleeping…

On Friday, October 21, 2016, when night had already fallen in the European part of the world and the working day was in full swing on the other side of the Atlantic, some of the biggest entertainment and news companies reported that their servers had been subjected to a cyberattack of an unprecedented scale. There is increasing speculation on the Internet and in the media that someone is testing the Internet’s defences.

28 september
Nikolay Murashkin

The Chinese Bearing Gifts in American Wrapping: A Solution to Australia’s Dilemma?

The New Asian Perspectives Blog has already featured an article dedicated to the tensions in Australia–China relations caused by the blocking of investments in strategic agricultural and electric power grid assets for national security concerns. It seems that the sides have already found a compromise following a tough conversation between Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull and President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping: Chinese companies won a participatory interest in a 50-year lease on the Port of Melbourne; not directly, however, but under the cover of an American infrastructure fund.