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25 november
Ajmal Sohail

Novel attempts to launch sectarian war in Afghanistan

Sectarian warfare is not a very new issue in the Islamic world because for decades Saudi-Arabia and Iran wish to dominate the Islamic globe, Iran exports the Shiite Islamic revolution doctrines and Saudi-Arabia the Wahabistic Islamic tenets to the Muslim world, unfortunately, both countries enjoy rich oil reserves and miss-using petrol-bucks to lead the said world.

22 november
Ajmal Sohail

Angela Merkel, do not harm Afghans

The Afghan political and security situations, especially in the northern Afghanistan, is dramatically deteriorated when ISIS started exodus from eastern parts of Afghanistan to the northern components of the country, recently Taliban, Haqqani Network, Al-Qaida and ISIS have doubled their combined offensive attacks and gaining more territories and Kabul regime and its international allies losing grounds day by day and the peace talks have had no satisfactory domino effects.

28 december
Ivan Samolovov

All I want for Christmas is... five answers

Like many or maybe all of us I used to believe in Ded Moroz/Santa Claus/Nikolaus etc. If I ever 'put my faith' in a fat man with a snowy beard again, I would almost certainly not ask him for a new bike or the like. Instead, I would ask him if he can give me clear and lapidary answers for the questions piling up in my head. So, here it is. My top five list of important questions for the next year.

27 november
Zulfiqar Shah

Cautiousness in Afghanistan-Pakistan Partnership

In a recent meeting between President Asraf Ghani and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Afghanistan and Pakistan have reached over an understanding on the security cooperation, capacity building and mutual trade. This unexpected development exclusively includes the training of Afghan National Army by Pakistan Army.

23 october
Russian Council

Publications Review 23.10.2014. Indian strategy in the Asia-Pacific, reforms in Morocco, Polish nuclear energy sector, Chinese think-tanks, Human trafficking

In this digest of international publications you will find a variety of topics: changing Indian strategy in the Asia-Pacific and the future of the US-Indian partnership, constitutional reforms in Morocco, development of Polish nuclear energy sector, new face of Chinese think-tanks, EU’s commitments in providing development assistance for the third world countries, Afghan political system after elections and a publication on human trafficking and online networks.

28 february
Catherine Shakdam

Forging ahead, President Karzai stirs Afghanistan away from Washington’ shadow

As American security analysts and officials continue to ring the alarm on US President Barack Obama’s plan to military withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014, a Pentagon-sponsored review made clear that a pull-out will in essence equate to handing the war-torn and battered nation back into the hands of the Taliban, or worse, Al Qaeda.

19 november
Zaki Khalid

Viewpoint from Pakistan: Russia is a necessity for regional peace

Traditionally, Russia has been viewed as somewhat of a dark, totalitarian country which is always searching for means to take over the world through its powerful military. This perception is certainly flawed, but those who adhere to such a view are not at fault. This negative projection of Russia can be accredited to Hollywood In specific and the Western media in general.
For Pakistanis, Russia is still a powerful Great Bear, if not a super-powerful Great Red Bear which it once was during the Soviet era. It was perceived as Pakistan’s enemy number one during the Afghan War which the ISI had planned with its counterparts in the CIA and Saudi intelligence. But Russia was never an enemy for Pakistan; rather, it was only the former USSR’s state ideology, Soviet Communism, which was a major point of security concern for Pakistan; the latter was already head over heels with a hostile India to the east and an increasingly hostile Communist Afghanistan in the west. Therefore, Pakistan’s alliance with the US at the time was purely for national interest and regional stability.