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27 december
Russian Council

Religion is Important for 18% of Russian People, but Religiosity Levels are Higher in Germany, Poland and the U.S.

The confrontation between western humanitarian secularism and Russian religious traditionalism is viewed as a manifestation of the value gap between Russia and the West. It is believed that the West has lost its Christian foundations, while Russia remains the stronghold of the basic values of Orthodoxy (and to some degree, Islam). However, a recent study of the comparative level of religiosity in the world shows a different picture.

05 october
Russian Council

By 2070, Islam will have become the world’s largest religion. The fate of humankind will hinge on the “Islamic response” to security threats

By 2050, Christians will no longer be a majority in Australia, Great Britain, France, New Zealand, the Netherlands. The world of the future may become more religious than it is today. And the principal factor determining the humankind’s future will be the “Islamic response” to the multiple security and development challenges of our century.