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Alexander Savelyev

Doctor of Political Science, Head of Strategic Research Section at…

Igor Yurgens

President of the All-Russian Insurance Association, Member of the…

Belek Ibraev

RIAC Expert

Steven Jermy RN

Commodore, Former Strategy Director in the British Embassy in…

Leonid Karabeshkin

PhD in Political Science, Research Centre for International and…

Elena Ostrovskaya

Doctor of Sociology, Professor of the Sociology Faculty of St…

Mark N. Katz

Professor of government and politics at George Mason University

Igor Istomin

PhD in Political Science, Senior Lecturer, Department of Applied…

Igor Morgulov

Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, RIAC Member

Vadim Trukhachev

Professor of Foreign Regions Chair at Russian State University for…

Maxim Bratersky

Doctor of Political Science, Professor, Head of the World Politics…

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