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April 20, 2018
Jeff Schubert

Visiting Professor at the Higher School of Economics

Reflecting on Greater Eurasia and Its Role in the World
April 11, 2018
Maria Smekalova

Website Editor, Coordinator of Russia-U.S. Dialogue on Cybersecurity project

Compromising with Big Ben
April 4, 2018
Olga Afanasieva

GoodAI, Chief Operating Officer

How to Create Good AI?
March 22, 2018
Mark Duncan

RIAC Intern, Graduate Student at the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, Higher School of Economics

Not Just for Christmas
February 5, 2018
Adriel Kasonta

London-based political consultant and analyst, who serves as editorial board member at the Central European Journal of International and Security Studies (CEJISS) in Prague and European affairs researcher at Wikistrat, a geostrategic consulting firm based in Washington, D.C.

How to Make Enemies and Alienate Friends
January 26, 2018
Roman Mayka

Program Assistant at the Russian International Affairs Council

Where Does Foreign Agent Begin?
January 23, 2018
Ernesto Gallo

Tutor of business, law and social sciences at Kaplan International College, Affiliated Faculty at University College London

Giovanni Biava

Independent Analysts, Energy consultant, eXelen srl

What Future for the Middle East?
December 21, 2017
Ilya Kravchenko

PhD in political science, RIAC expert

National Security According to Trump
November 10, 2017
Ilya Kravchenko

PhD in political science, RIAC expert

"The Emperor of Twitter" in the White House
October 16, 2017
Anna Leenders

MSc in Political Science, Columbia University

BRICS: Making the Peace
October 13, 2017
Ilya Kravchenko

PhD in political science, RIAC expert

The White House Captured by Hurricanes
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