Communication and public activities

Communication and public activities

Our aim is to ensure interaction between representatives of various professional groups in the context of new challenges and opportunities emerging from modern global processes.


  • Sponsors discussions with key Russian and foreign government officials, including presidents, heads of governments, parliament speakers, etc.;
  • Hosts RIAC club-member meetings;
  • Facilitates interaction and communication between representatives of various Russian and foreign professional communities;
  • Collaborates with foremost non-profit organizations and foundations in Russia and abroad.

We operate as an open and independent discussion forum and provide broad opportunities for communication between Russian political establishment and civil society on the whole range of international relations and foreign policy issues.

International activities

Our aim is to create favorable conditions for Russia’s fastest integration into a global world by implementing multilateral network projects and initiatives.


  • Provides information support to Russian foreign policy and public diplomacy initiatives;
  • Explores the position of foreign counterparts with regard to Russian initiatives;
  • Organizes and takes part in international network projects;
  • Works in partnership with councils for international affairs of foreign countries.

We create the conditions for cooperation with international partners on the key issues of foreign policy agenda and take part in international political initiatives and educational and research projects. We engage foreign stakeholders in the realization of Russian projects and programs.

Partnership with the leading Russian organizations in the field of international cooperation is one of the key factors in success of RIAC international activities.

Public and international activity formats

  • Annual RIAC review conference that brings together the RIAC members and the governing bodies of RIAC, as well as top government officials to summarize the year’s foreign policy results./li>
  • Presentations made by leaders and key government officials of foreign states and big business representatives.
  • Club meetings of the RIAC members – regular meetings for informal discussion of foreign policy problems and international projects.
  • «World economy» sessions – discussions of major economic problems, investment projects, risk assessment with the participation of Russian and foreign business representatives.
  • «Talk to an Ambassador» sessions – meetings with ambassadors of foreign states, discussion of bilateral relations problems, prospective projects and formats of cooperation with Russia.
  • «Civil dialogue» sessions – meetings with representatives of Russian and foreign non-profit organizations working in foreign policy sphere.