Research work and international expertise

Our aim is to provide analyses and forecasts of global risks and opportunities for the benefit of Russian diplomacy, businesses, educational centers, public organizations, and their foreign peers.


  • Initiates scholarly studies of the most burning issues of world politics;
  • Commissions academic and independent research centers to produce analytical and information surveys;
  • Undertakes complex research projects in the interests of governmental bodies, businesses, and international organizations;
  • Carries out research projects in collaboration with leading Russian and foreign “think tanks”.

We effect large-scale research projects on most challenging international issues, prepare analytical surveys and reports, promptly analyze force-majeure situations, and do translations of foreign publications in close cooperation with leading research centers and think tanks.

Analytical work formats (in partnership with international affairs pundits)

  • Pundit comments – analytical assessments of current international developments;
  • Analytical reports and surveys – a study of current challenges in international affairs and foreign policy;
  • Translation of foreign and Russian articles and monographs;
  • Organization of conferences, round-table events and panel discussions at high profile Russian and international forums.